Source: Xinhua News Agency
Source: Xinhua News Agency

China may be recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s not relaxing just yet. The Beijing Institute of Technology has deployed an unmanned 5G vehicle as a way to continue monitoring citizens and aid in the screening efforts and avoid a recurrence of the outbreak in the country. The autonomous vehicle is said to be able to ID face, check temperatures and deliver packages without human intervention.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

There are two ways for authorized persons to monitor the information from the vehicle. The first option is for security personnel to approach a parked vehicle to manually monitor passers-by using the large integrated display at the back. The second is for a security guard to monitor remotely using the live feed from the top-mounted camera.

Source: Cool High Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology’s autonomous vehicle is part of Beijing-based Cool High Technology’s KuGaea Kun series. This isn’t the first time China put autonomous vehicles, robots and AI to use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Autonomous vehicles have been seen cleaning and disinfecting the streets. Robots were also deployed at the height of the Wuhan lockdown for the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients


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