The Coronavirus has become a pandemic, with numerous countries reporting cases of infection at an alarming rate. The growing number of cases has doctors and medical professionals swamped and unable to keep up. However, Chinese technology giant Alibaba has a solution: AI.

Alibaba is the Chinese equivalent of Amazon, while also doing so much more. They have developed an AI system that can detect Coronavirus in CT scans of patients’ chests. The detection has an accuracy of 96% against viral pneumonia cases and is done within 20 seconds. In comparison a human doctor is able to arrive at a diagnosis after 15 minutes, so that’s 45 AI diagnoses for every 1 diagnosis by a human.

Currently the system is deployed at Qiboshan Hospital in Zhengzhou, Henan province. Alibaba has stated that the system is also going to be deployed in 100 other hospitals in the provinces of Hubei, Guangdong and Anhui.

Although there’s a lot of hesitance and resistance towards AI technology, it seems not all is doom and gloom. With some of the heavy lifting being shifted onto AI, perhaps there is more that can be done so doctors have more time and resources to work faster in curing the viral disease.


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