Pushing laptops to the limit is inevitable with work, educational, entertainment, and social interactions diverted online due to the strict quarantine rules amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some may even notice that their laptops heat up more than usual due to increased usage and may require additional tech to help cool it. A laptop cooler may do the trick – but those who prefer a more portable option may opt for a vacuum cooler instead.

Here are three coolers to consider.

Opolar Laptop Fan Cooler with LED Display
Opolar is one of the leading brands in the laptop cooling market and has already released several versions of its laptop coolers. Despite its small size, the Opolar laptop cooler can rapidly dissipate heat in minutes and even faster than many large cooling pads. Even at its maximum speed, Opolar noise at less than 70dBm, making for a quiet operation and less distraction for your work.

Source: Opolar | Amazon

DoTop Mini Blue LED Vacuum Cooler
The DoTop Mini is one of the widely used vacuum coolers in the market. Despite its mini design that weighs only 56 grams, DoTop is able to quickly dissipate heat even from an overheating laptop regardless of its size. Its heat dissipation system is also optimized by a built-in thermal cycle acceleration function to facilitate airflow.

Source: Dotop | Amazon

MBuyNow Laptop Cooler
The MBuyNow laptop cooler is perfect for those who really require a versatile cooling system because it features both a laptop cooler and a vacuum cooler in one. While it is heavier than the other selections at 2.8 lbs, the cooler’s AI automation more than makes up for the weight. Work is also undisturbed by noise because the cooling pad is designed with two ultra-quiet fans while the vacuum comes with a detachable silencer.

Source: MbuyNow | Amazon


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