The Easter holidays are coming up but, with many people unable to leave their homes due to enhanced quarantine measures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be the best time to meditate. Of course, not everyone is naturally inclined to meditation and it can even be difficult for some, but there are some devices that can help you become more centered. Below are some gadgets that can boost relaxation and help you meditate to reduce the strain on your mental health.

Muse 2
The Muse 2 headband is an EEG device that uses advanced signal processing to monitor your mental activity. It connects to an app on your phone which provides guided meditation to ease your mind – all you have to do is open the app and put your headphones on. Once the session is complete, you can immediately access graphs and charts that show how your brain and heart activity, as well as your breathing changed during your guided session.

Muse 2 (Source: InteraXon Inc.)

Bellabeat Leaf Urban
The Bellabeat Leaf urban is a wellness tracker that monitors sleep, stress, meditation, and reproductive health. The tracker can also predict your stress levels based on your lifestyle and habits – and it will learn when to get you to be proactive at reducing your stress. Bellabeat connects to an app on your phone that will take you through guided meditations and breathing exercises to help relieve your anxiety in stressful situations.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban (Source: Bellabeat)

Kasina Deepvision
According to its product page, Kasina is a Pali term referring to an ancient meditation technique that uses visual objects to focus a person’s mind – and that’s exactly what Kasina Deepvision Ganframes does.

Kasina comes with over 70 preset sessions that induce positive mood shifting effects but there are also downloadable sessions in Soundcloud if you want more. It also comes with aural backgrounds that are synchronized to the visual experience for better focus and attention training.

Kasina Deepvision (Source: Mindplace)


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