Source: Boston Dynamics Facebook

Boston Dynamics has deployed its robot dog, Spot, to the frontlines to help minimize the exposure of healthcare workers to COVID-19 when assessing patients. For the past two weeks, Spot has been deployed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as part of the company’s telemedicine platform and the medical team uses the robot to remotely triage patients. The company is listening to feedback from workers who use the platform to understand how Spot can further assist healthcare workers, such as adding support for the remote collection of vital sign information.

“Healthcare providers need our help. In response, we’ve put together a preliminary robotic solution and sent Spot out to its first hospital to reduce the number of healthcare providers on the front lines. This first deployment of our mobile telemedicine platform enables providers to triage patients from afar, reducing risk to critical medical staff,” Boston Dynamics announced on its Facebook page.

Boston Dynamics also shared its next missions for Spot. According to the company, they are already figuring out how Spot can support remote vital collection – Spot will likely be equipped with thermal and RGB cameras to measure temperature and pulse, but they are looking into methods for measuring oxygen saturation. Furthermore, they also hope to use Spot for remote disinfection by mounting a UV-C light or other technology on its back.


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