Source: Chainflix | Facebook
Source: Chainflix | Facebook

Many people who are bored from being quarantined in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic are entertaining themselves by creating and sharing content in YouTube, TikTok and similar sites and apps. However, these platforms mostly offer entertainment for viewers and a small income for content creators who monetize their channels. However, Chainflix revolutionizes the video sharing platform by focusing on income generation for both the creator and viewer – and users may not even realize that the platform utilizes blockchain technology.

Users get rewarded according to the role they play on the platform. According to the site, content creators receive rewards from viewers who watch their videos and viewers are, in turn, rewarded with coins just from watching videos and ads. Content enhancers – those who provide solutions, such as subtitles – and storage providers automatically receive coins from the content creator they help. The coins can then be sold or traded on listed exchanges or used to purchase items that are advertised on the platform.

Most dApps require registration and a wallet to be able to use them, but Chainflix offers even those who don’t care about blockchain and cryptocurrencies a chance to utilize the platform. The only reason users would want to have a cryptocurrency wallet is if they wish to get the promised rewards for watching or creating content. For users who want rewards but don’t want the additional task of selecting a crypto wallet, Chainflix is available on the Osiris browser dAppstore and rewards may be stored in the browser’s native Spyce multiwallet.


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