Counterpoint Research’s 2019 study shows that the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines of smartphones were the top-selling mobile devices in 2019.

Apple took up six spots in the top 10 list, with the iPhone XR hailed as the best-selling device of the year. The iPhone 11 came in second, but since it was only released last Sept. 2019, it took them just 3 months to be the second best-selling smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A10 came in at third and fourth respectively.

The only phone in the top 10 list that wasn’t manufactured by these two giants was the Oppo A5, which ranked fifth. Not surprisingly, the study also concluded that the Oppo A5 was the top-selling smartphone in China last year.

Notably, Huawei, the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, did not have any of its phones included in the list.


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