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Hideki Kamiya, creator of Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, and other classic Capcom games, was asked at a panel during PAX East if he would like to revisit such classic IPs. The person who asked the question brought up titles, such as Okami 2 and the director’s recently cancelled project Scalebound. Kamiya’s response has brought much excitement from fans, as he had the following to say:

“Okami 2.. Scalebound.. Viewtiful Joe 3.. Dante VS Bayonetta.. Devil May Cry 0.. I want to make everything! ..please email Capcom.”

This response has fans scrambling and excited for the possible sequels and titles, but whether anything will come from it is yet to be seen.

Although, there is hope for PlatinumGames to work on IP owned by big Publishers. Recently, Nintendo gave permission for PlatinumGames to release the Wii U exclusive, The Wonderful 101 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, with the caveat being it be funded through a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter was an instant success and smashed through every stretch goal, so perhaps Capcom may allow something similar to happen.

Capcom has allowed outside studios to work on their games, with DmC: Devil May Cry done by western studio Ninja Theory. Ultimately it was a disappointment for longtime fans and has resulted in Capcom being reluctant to do so again. Another problem is that Capcom is known to want longevity in their titles and perhaps a one-off deal isn’t something they’re willing to compromise on.

Either way, fans have nothing to lose by making their voices heard and letting Capcom know that there’s an audience for such titles. At least now we know it’s confirmed that the action game legend, Hideki Kamiya, is still longing to work on the classic IPs that made him a staple figure in the gaming community.

Would you want to see Dante VS Bayonetta or another Viewtiful Joe, perhaps? If so let us know below and be sure to email, tweet at, and comment on all of Capcom’s social media accounts to let them know that you want more than just HD ports of their beloved classic games.


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