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Facebook AI has released the complete model of Blender and is open sourcing it for researchers and developers through the ParlAI platform. Blender is the result of years’ worth of research and efforts on natural language processing to make chatbot conversations as close to human conversation as possible. To achieve this, Facebook AI researchers trained the Chabot on 9.4 billion parameters, which is 3.6 times more than the largest existing system.

“Our latest model’s performance is nearly equal to human-level quality in this specific test setup. This would suggest that we have achieved near human-level performance for this type of evaluation; however, our chatbot still has many weaknesses relative to humans, and finding an evaluation method that better exposes these weaknesses is an open problem and part of our future research agenda. We’re currently exploring ways to further improve the conversational quality of our models in longer conversations with new architectures and different loss functions,” Facebook research engineers explained in the blog post.

Source: Facebook

Despite the chatbot’s progress, the researchers noted that it can still be prone to making mistakes, such as repeating or contradicting itself. The researchers believe that open-sourcing the chatbot’s code for fine tuning and human evaluations, the research community will be able to help spur the progress of conversational AI. Furthermore, they also believe reproducibility – or the ability to build upon the best technology – is the mark of true progress.


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