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Facebook announced that it will alert users who have interacted with fake COVID-19 news and harmful misinformation circulating in its platform. The message alerts aims to connect people to proper resources and prevent them from coming to harm due to the false information being claimed by such content. Facebook has already partnered with over 60 fact-checking organizations to sift through thousands of COVID-19 content which led to the platform giving warnings on 40 million posts based on around 4,000 articles.

Source: Facebook

“Today we’re sharing some additional steps we’re taking to combat COVID-19 related misinformation and make sure people have the accurate information they need to stay safe. We’re going to start showing messages in News Feed to people who have liked, reacted or commented on harmful misinformation about COVID-19 that we have since removed.” Facebook VP Integrity Guy Rosen explained in a post. However, Facebook knows that the fight is far from over.

The company wants to ensure that its users are only accessing factual information about the pandemic from its platform. To achieve this, Facebook has added a new section to its COVID-19 Information Center. The section called “Get the Facts” will contain only fact-checked articles selected by Facebook’s news curation team and it will be updated on a weekly basis.

Source: Facebook


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