Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ford Motors has announced its partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific to help the latter produce much needed COVID-19 test kits faster. Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant is already collaborating with Thermo Fisher’s Lenexa, Kansas site to set up additional machinery for the production of collection kits. Likewise, Ford engineers are helping Thermo Fisher engineers to adapt its glass vials machinery to produce plastic vials used for the test kits.

“Ford’s engineers brought a fresh perspective to production expansion, and together, we’ll more than triple the number of collection kits we can deliver each week starting April 20.It’s great to see different industries coming together to solve a common problem,” Thermo Fisher senior director for microbiology business John Reuss said. Apart from Thermo Fisher test kits, Ford is also ramping up production of PPEs.

Source: Ford Motor Company

Ford and 3M have been working together to produce of PAPR machines and n95 respirators at Ford’s Vreeland facility. The company is also collaborating with its airbags supplier, Joyson Safety Systems, to produce reusable medical gowns that are washable for up to 50 times using materials in Ford vehicles. They expect to sew 75,000 gowns per week and increase to 100,000 per week by 19 April.


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