Source: GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare and Microsoft are bringing a cloud-based healthcare solution to help facilities and medical practitioners monitor their ventilated COVID-19 patient population. GE Healthcare’s Mural Virtual Care Solution integrates data from multiple systems and brings them all together in one pane for a more comprehensive view of all patients being monitored by the systems. Originally slated to launch at the cancelled 2020 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society meeting, Mural is now being deployed via Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: GE Healthcare

The Mural COVID-19 system has the ability to monitor a multi-site ICU network with a total of 100 beds manned by five medical staff: three senior nurses and two intensivists. The entire Mural system offers more features but GE Healthcare has limited the Mural COVID-19 offering to deploy only necessary features to help with COVID-19 cases to minimize the resources required from institutions that will install it. Likewise, its release is meant to give hospitals the ability to extend its resources by increasing visibility to at-risk and ventilated patients while also minimizing risk to staff and use of PPEs.

“If you think about what the solution was originally built on it was built on an on-prem solution that would take weeks to install and would take time to set up the servers. It clearly is a great way for us to more efficiently monitor… [And] because you don’t need to walk into the room it saves PPE… decreasing that risk… of exposure,” Microsoft’s chief global medical officer Dr. David Rhew said. Watch how Mural works below.


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