Source: Steemit | Facebook

Steemit is a decentralized application (dApp) that is built upon the Steem blockchain and uses the cryptocurrency STEEM to reward users for doing what they usually do: post, vote and comment. It takes effort to monetize blogs and social networking site accounts and users need to be knowledgeable about ways to earn, but Steemit simplifies the process for all its users. It’s easy to get started with Steemit because you simply need to sign up for an account or access it through the dAppstore.

Source: Steemit | dAppstore

“Everyone who contributes content on a Steem-based app has the same opportunity to earn money from the rewards pool. By posting your content, you can earn upvotes from community members. The upvotes you receive entitle you to a portion of the “rewards pool,” which depends on how much Steem Power you have,” Steem explains.

Source: Steemit | dAppstore

But it’s not only users who post that gets rewards – those who find and vote a content before it becomes popular are also given Steem tokens as a “Curation Rewards.” You’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to receive Steemit rewards, but if you access the platform using Osiris browser, collecting your STEEM won’t be a problem. Simply use the integrated SPYCE multi-cryptocurrency wallet to secure your ERC-20 STEEM tokens – all you have to think about is how to increase your steem power to earn bigger rewards.


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