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InHerSight, the platform that works like Glassdoor for women, launched its mobile app that aims to match women’s career goals and job suggestions. According to data, nearly 60% of 700,000 job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic affected women, yet despite massive layoffs, some companies continue to hire workers. The company hopes that its new app can help the thousands of unemployed women find new jobs that are aligned with their goals.

Source: InHerSight | Apple Store

“We’re excited to provide women with such a tailored job search tool and resource for navigating their careers. Our hope is that women using the app after being laid off or while furloughed can jumpstart their search using the tools we’ve provided. Of course, we want women who need jobs to find them as fast as possible, but we also want to return to them that sense of control over their careers,” InHerSight co-founder and CEO Ursula Mead said.

Source: InHerSight | Google Play

InHerSight explains that the platform and app takes both hard and soft policies into consideration when evaluating companies. It uses 16 key metrics that matter to women, such as management opportunities, maternity benefits and company culture, and allows its users to anonymously rate the companies so that other users can be matched to companies that share their values. The company claims that its platform has helped maintain a high retention rate for female employees thanks to successfully prequalifying the job matches women receive.


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