Intel announced that it joined the Open COVID pledge as a founding sponsor to grant researchers and scientists access to its intellectual property that may help them defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Open COVID pledge was created to grant researchers the freedom to make innovations and inventions for much needed diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure from COVID-19. With the new opportunities open to scientists, Intel hopes that its vast intellectual property portfolio can help them find the means to save lives.

Source: Intel

The idea behind the pledge is to allow scientists to use intellectual property owned by other entities to find a vaccine or cure for COVID-19. The licenses covered by this pledge are those that are effective from 1 December 2019 until one year after WHO declares the pandemic over. Organizations that support the pledge include Creative Commons, DLA Piper, Mozilla, and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines.

“On behalf of Intel employees around the world, and especially our inventors who have worked so hard to create Intel’s intellectual property, we encourage intellectual property holders around the world to join us in this pledge […]We will continue to invent – and protect – our intellectual property, but we offer it freely to those working to protect people from this pandemic, ” Intel Corporation executive vice president and general counsel Steven Rodgers said.

In a separate announcement, Intel also pledged $50 million for COVID-19 relief efforts.


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