As nCOVID-19 continues to rapidly spread across the globe, the Israeli government is taking extreme measures to prevent its citizens from further infections.

The government approved a proposal to allow their internal security service — Shin Bet — to monitor citizen’s cellular data. The data will be used to monitor people who have tested positive with the virus. Along with that, those who have interacted with carriers of the virus will then be notified and immediately placed in quarantine.

This move has faced immediate backlash from various privacy experts and human rights organizations. These groups argue that this measure is a slippery slope, especially with Shin Bet having no public transparency requirements.

A Justice Ministry official told a local Israeli news channel that the data is safe and precautions will be taken not to breach citizen’s privacy rights. “The information will be given only to the Health Ministry, to specific people with security clearances, and it will be erased immediately after it is used.”

Do you think these measures are step in the right direction to help fight the spread of nCOVID-19, or do you feel this is an extreme countermeasure that could lead to the government having too much power over its citizens? Let us know in the comments below.


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