The toy company responsible for sparking kids’ passion for building things is now planning to reduce its carbon footprint.

It’s no secret now that plastic is destroying our planet and more companies are now slowly stepping away from plastic based materials. Lego is now one of those companies and has begun talking about what it can do to create sustainable products and be more eco-friendly.

Tim Brooks, the head of corporate responsibility spoke to AFP and had the following to say: “We want to use plastic in a responsible way, and particularly where it is in a high quality, durable and reusable application. And that’s what Lego bricks are.”

Lego has begun using a different form of plastic that is sourced from mostly trees, leaves, and bushes. Another initiative they’re taking is by changing the packaging. The company plans on reducing the number of plastic bags used to separate pieces and use small boxes to reduce transport volume. Ultimately the goal is to use recycled and reusable materials by 2025.

For some, however, this is not enough and not a step in the right direction. Antidia Citores of Surfider Europe has said that replacing one plastic for another does not help in reducing emissions or pollution.

The harm of plastic on the environment is going to be a big challenge for the toy behemoth, as its product is solely made of plastic. This is not only a challenge for Lego, but for the toy industry at large.


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