Oxford Medical Simulation
Source: Oxford Medical Simulation

Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS) is offering health care facilities who are training doctors and nurses to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic free access to its VR medical training system. OMS hopes to bring health care workers up to speed using its VR training system, especially those who have retired or specialize in other fields. OMS reveals that over 17,000 doctors and nurses across 50 health care institutions have already started using the program.

Source: Oxford Medical Simulation

“At the moment, during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are beginning to recruit more doctors and nurses, but they are also bringing doctors and nurses back into practice who have left previously. There is this huge need to train people up quickly, whether they are in the profession or whether they are coming back to the profession to help during the pandemic,” OMS chief medical officer Dr. Jack Pottle said.

Source: Oxford Medical Simulation

The program is versatile and runs in immersive virtual reality, which requires a VR headset, or as a screen-based program. It can also be used for group learning or by individual practitioners who prefer to go over scenarios at their own pace. OMS said that its Distance Learning Simulation program will be available to doctors and nurses in the U.S., U.K., and Canada at no cost and without ongoing commitment until 31 May 2020.


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