Source: Peepeth
Source: Peepeth

As many have seen in the past years, social media can sometimes be harmful, especially when users dodge accountability through the power of anonymity – but blockchain technology may solve this. The Peepeth dApp – a microblogging dApp similar to Twitter – reimagines social media as a force for good by encouraging users to be responsible about their peeps because peeps saved on the blockchain are forever. Peeps will always be owned by the user and there are no edits or deletes, which means users should really think twice before signing off on peeps.

Source: Peepeth

Peepeth is available in dApp marketplaces, such as dAppstore – the functional reward-based marketplace that is integrated into the Osiris Browser. It is best to download the Osiris browser here to access and enjoy Peepeth easily.

“Peepeth’s mission is to encourage mindful engagement and positive contribution, both online and in the world. The blockchain is only part of the story. Peepeth’s features encourage thoughtful, responsible engagement, and discourage hate, spam, and reactive posts,” the Peepeth site explains.

Most importantly, Peepeth is blockchain-powered, so no government or entity will ever control user data or censor content – the user alone owns their data. The platform is only accountable to the user, which means users won’t see any ads, spam, or ICO promotion while browsing through the platform. Peepeth also shifts the focus from self-promotion to recognition of other people’s contributions, which is the opposite of how some people use social media nowadays.


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