VESper device (Source: Prisma Health)

Prisma Health has received an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its 3D-printed ventilator connectors that will allow health care facilities to treat up to four patients using a single ventilator.

“VESper™ splits the airflow to the ventilator, acting as a Y connector […] the machine will deliver the same settings such as oxygen concentration, amount of air in each breath and the pressure of the air delivered ,” Prisma Health states on its website.

VESper™ was initially developed by Dr. Sarah Farris, an emergency room doctor and her husband Ryan Farris, a software engineer who developed the initial prototype design for 3D printing.

The prototypes were tested using medical manikins and, once results showed that the device satisfied the set parameters without difficulty, an FDA authorization was secured.

The organization has made the source code for the device available upon request.

Prisma Health is one of the organizations that have turned to 3D printing to address the shortage in the supply of PPEs and ventilators to contribute in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


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