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Facebook to pay content moderators with mental health conditions

Facebook’s content moderators who have developed mental health conditions while reviewing toxic content will be receiving compensation as the company agrees to...

Facebook acquires GIPHY valued between US$300-400 million

Giphy, the platform which creates short, looping 'GIF' animations used all over social media, is being acquired by Facebook in a surprise...

Facebook Open-sources its Blender Chatbot

Facebook AI has released the complete model of Blender and is open sourcing it for researchers and developers through the ParlAI platform. Blender is the...

Facebook introduces 50-person chat rooms to messenger

Facebook launched a 50-person video chat room on 24 April to answer the demand for real-time video connectivity amid the COVID-19 pandemic....

Facebook removes anti-quarantine protest posts that break quarantine rules

Facebook has announced that it will remove posts that promote anti-quarantine protests on the platform in states where they violate stay at home orders....

Facebook will alert users who interact with harmful COVID-19 misinformation

Facebook announced that it will alert users who have interacted with fake COVID-19 news and harmful misinformation circulating in its platform. The...

Mark Zuckerberg cancels all large Facebook events through June 2021

Mark Zuckerberg announced today that all physical Facebook events with a gathering of more than 50 people have been cancelled through June 2021. In...

Facebook and Carnegie Mellon team up to launch COVID-19 survey

Facebook and researchers from Carnegie Mellon teamed up to survey Facebook users about COVID-19 symptoms in order to identify potential hotspots. The...

Facebook bug wrongly blocks some sites to control COVID19 misinformation

Facebook may have gotten overzealous in a bid to control fake news and misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic. According...
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