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Ferrari develops low-cost ventilator to fight COVID-19

Ferrari has announced that they are developing a new low-cost ventilator to be used against COVID-19. The ventilators are produced using easily...

Meet our newly discovered neighbor- the closest black hole to Earth

Astronomers have discovered what they think is a black hole at 1,000 light-years away, the closest one to Earth ever found. Scientists...

Android 11 Launch Delayed

Heads up! The first beta will launch on June 3, during an Android-centric online event that will be held in lieu of Google’s...

Twitter to Roll Out Changes for Threaded Conversations

Twitter has announced that it’s introducing a new layout for replies that will use lines and indentations to make it easier to...

Virgin Galactic Announces New NASA Partnership

Virgin Galactic announced a new partnership with NASA to develop a high-speed vehicle for high-speed air travel across Earth. Since NASA has already been...

Non-Fungible Tokens: The Future of Owning Digital Assets

Video games are an expensive hobby that sees you spending thousands of dollars on items that aren't even technically yours. Each game...

IBM Super Computer Identified Chemicals to Help Stop the Spread of...

IBM's Super computer, named Summit, has ran thousands of simulations of drug compounds that might help stop the coronavirus from infecting host...

Samsung will shut down PlayGalaxy by end of March

Samsung announced the shutdown of its games streaming service, PlayGalaxy Link, on 27 March 2020 due to internal policy changes.

3D Printing Saves Lives During COVID-19

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on businesses and daily life everywhere. More and more people are undergoing quarantine and filling up...

CloudMinds Deploys Robots as Staff in Wuhan Hospital

Twelve robots were deployed at the Wuchang field hospital as an effort to help the the medical staff and reduce further infections....
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