Source: University of Minnesota

The FDA granted an Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) for University of Minnesota’s Coventor – a low-cost ventilator system designed for rapid deployment amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Coventor is a compact ventilator that is simple to use for ICU-trained healthcare providers. The frame can be assembled using metal stamped, 3-D printed or modified consumer goods.

A mechanical actuator attached to the frame compresses a commercial ambulatory ventilation bag to supply oxygen or ambient air to the patient in respiratory distress. The entire set-up is cheaper than most commercially available ventilators and costs just around $1,000. After receiving FDA’s grant, the University also announced that it will make Coventor’s specifications open source so that other companies and institutions can benefit from it.

Source: University of Minnesota

“Our hope is that the Coventor will be useful in those clinical settings where traditional ventilators are not available. With FDA authorization, we are closer to that happening. The Coventor gives people a chance and that is what this is all about. Making the ventilator as fast as possible, pushing it to people everywhere,” cardiac anesthesiology fellow in the M Health Fairview Medical School Stephen Richardson sad.


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