The COVID-19 pandemic that forced many people to stay locked up in their homes to avoid getting sick also revealed the underlying vulnerabilities of browsers and applications we use on a day-to-day basis. Zoom, for instance, has been the subject of criticism due to the increased number of zoom bombings over the past month. Furthermore, browser speed is also a concern due to the surge of users moving from physical to online work.

Trusted browsers, Google Chrome and Safari are also in the hot seat due to issues with regard to potential leakage of personally identifiable information and users’ browsing habits – both of which are major privacy concerns. The concerned companies claim to have already resolved the issues, but with all the underlying security issues in current web browsers, maybe it’s time to consider a browser that respects its users’ need for privacy – and after looking through different options, we may have found one in Osiris browser.

Decenternet, the company that developed the Osiris brower, claims that Osiris is web 3.0 which blocks ads and trackers, and protects the privacy of users. The browser’s promises seemed too good to be true and we had our doubts. But after installing the Windows and Android versions, we can confidently say that those doubts have disappeared. Working online using the Osiris browser was a breeze because of its speed and we didn’t encounter those pesky ads that obstruct the screen and sometimes cause browsers to freeze.

The browser is still basic – it doesn’t have add-ons that Firefox, Chrome and Safari offer. Then again, what it promised was privacy, speed, and ad and tracker blocking – and it definitely delivered!


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