Source: Xangle

Xangle is a platform that aims to help crypto stakeholders make smart decisions about their crypto investment by providing a means to acquire necessary information about crypto projects in their portfolio. Xangle aims to be a platform that provides transparency and oversight with the ultimate goal of paving the way for mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies. Interested users may learn more by visiting the Xangle website or checking it out from the Osiris browser dAppstore.

Source: Xangle

“Xangle provides a basis on which governments and interested parties can develop acceptable regulatory guidelines and make informed decisions. Xangle is an impartial and objective platform for everyone to use freely. Our goal is to help bring transparency to the industry, to pave the way for mainstream adoption,” the Xangle official blog explains.

To achieve this, the platform presents necessary information in a user-friendly format that allows even non-technical users to understand how their supported projects are progressing. Updates are sourced from the project themselves, which means there’s no room for rumors that could lead to withdrawal of support for the project – developers can gain the trust of investors and potentially gain more support for their respective projects. Likewise, this means that even users without technical expertise on blockchain technologies can be given a chance to participate simply by giving them the means to understand the progress of blockchain projects and make smart investment decisions.


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