You probably already know that Google keeps tabs on what you’re up to, but you might not realize just how far this extends- from the purchases you make online, to the apps you use; from your banking and flight details, to the different locations you go to.. and much more. It’s scarily extensive, and surprisingly legal because you as their user accepted their terms and conditions. 

But there’s good news, you CAN get more control over what Google- or any other website or app can collect about you. 

It all starts with the browser you use. While Google’s Chrome is one of the most commonly used, there are others that promise more privacy and better security. One of these is Osiris, a fast-rising browser from South Korea with a current user rating of 4.2 on Android, guaranteeing faster browsing speed, ads blocking, and freedom from the much dreaded mass surveillance. 

Gone are the days when intrusive ads would pop up while you’re bingeing on YouTube, because using the Osiris browser to access YouTube (or any other app for that matter) eliminates the fear that you’re being tracked. Another important factor is the speed- you can try it yourself, because Osiris does deliver 3-7 times faster hyper-speed browsing. The end result? Lightning-fast page loading, and no lagging. And of course, one of its best features tackles security. With Osiris, you can enjoy anonymous browsing since it secures and protects our data and privacy, guaranteeing that your data will not be shared with third-parties.

More good news? The browser is available for mobile (Android and iOS) and Windows PC. So while Google thinks that it knows more about you than you might ever realize, keep in mind that if you use Osiris to launch their applications- you’re actually preventing them from getting the upper hand by keeping your data to yourself.


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