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Zigazoo is the new “TikTok”for kids


Zigazoo is a free app where kids can answer fun and engaging video-based exercises through video, and share responses with friends. 

The founder, Zak Ringelstein, began this project because like every parent out there, he worries about his kid’s screen time, especially when COVID-19 caused schools to shut down and kids had to get used to remote learning. And as lockdowns extend, Ringelstein found out how to include education as his kids are entertained by various social apps at home. Thus, Zigazoo or “TikTok for kids” was born.

Ringelstein claims that “Sesame Street” was his inspiration because the show was able to combine education and entertainment. Within a month, Zigazoo has seen 100,000 videos uploaded to and downloaded from its site. 

According to Ringelstein, video-based learning is a better way for students to engage actively in an educational activity, compared to passively reading a paragraph online. But while Zigazoo claims to be a “TikTok for kids”, it is also competing with Tiktok itself as there are teachers who have turned to TikTok to create lessons for their students. 

To ensure privacy, Ringelstein requires parents to be the primary users of the app. Users also have to accept a friend request for their content to be seen to avoiding potential bullying. And to further address safety issues, Ringelstein states that ”Zigazoo is a not a kid play date smack dab in the middle of an adult party like YouTube and TikTok, it is a universe tailor-made for kid safety, learning and enjoyment,”.   Unlike TikTok, where it is public and users can follow everyone, Zigazoo requires users to opt-in to being followed, just like in Facebook.

Soon, Ringelstein is planning to launch “Zigazoo Channels” with a handpicked group of known children’s entertainment companies, podcasts, museums, libraries, zoos, social media influencers and more.


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